Welcome to my WordPress Blog!

My name is Susan and I live in Napanee, Ontario. I’m married with two beautiful daughters who are aged 20 and 17. Next September (or maybe sooner) we will be empty-nesters! Yikes!

We love travelling down East in summer and have been to many places in PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Our favourite place to visit is Grand Manan Island, NB! It’s a beautiful spot and very laid back with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet! We hope to live there some day!

I’m currently studying Web Design at the Academy of Learning College. We are learning a lot of Adobe products, so I’m left to learn WordPress on my own, hence this site! I have another site that isn’t published as yet, that I’m using for testing and whatnot too!

So, I’m not sure what you’ll find on here, but for now, I’ll be highlighting some of my favourite photos! I am an amateur photographer in my spare time.

My favourite subject to shoot is wildlife and nature in general. I have another blog on blogspot that I’ve been updating since 2008 and you can visit it at:


I update that blog on a weekly basis with my photography adventures!

Thanks for visiting!


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